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The Piano Stars Music Theory Club teaches you RCM Level 5-8 music theory & prepares you for RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) rudiments exams.

Students may also use this course just to learn music theory without plans for exams of any kind.

Cost: $150/year (Sep 11, 2018 – May 28, 2019) + the cost of your workbook(s). (1 book / level, $20-$27 per book)
-You can finish more than 1 level per year for no additional fee if you like to work at a faster pace.

Drop in class time with Carolyn:
-Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 regular weeks, 8-9:30 on group lesson weeks, no drop in class on the 1st Tuesday of every month. (28 weeks total)
-You can stay for the whole 2 hours or just come for 30 min. It’s totally up to you & how much help you would like.
-You can come every week or just when you need help. No advance notice necessary. Just come when you want to during those hours.
-You can use this time to ask questions, have a mini lesson on a topic or just work on your workbook pages.
-If this drop in time is impossible to attend, we may be able to add a 2nd drop time in or extend the hours to accommodate you.
-LOCATION: Carolyn’s Piano Studio, 27 Spruce Cres, St. Albert

Work at home:
-You complete exercises in your theory workbook at your own pace.
-Every unit in the theory workbook has a lesson & some practice exercises. There is a practice exam at the end of each book. I have more practice exams to give you if necessary.
-You will have access to a website that has the answers for your workbooks so you can correct your own work at home & move ahead as quickly as you like.

Online tests:
-You will have access to online tests for each unit with immediate results.
-You can do the tests as many times as you like for review.

Email help:
-You can email theory questions anytime to get help & further explanations from us.

What level do you start with:
-All students will start with Level 5 (even if you are in a higher level of piano). You can move through the levels as quickly as you like.

RCM Exams:
-There are RCM exams available in Dec, May & Aug of each year. You are welcome to take an RCM exam at the end of each level OR you can just wait until you finish Level 8 & do only the RCM exam for Level 8. You will automatically receive credit for the lower levels once you take the level 8 exam. You may also choose to not do the exams at all.

Do I HAVE to start theory now?
-No! You can start theory anytime after you have reached Level 4 or 5 piano. You can even wait until you are in Level 8 if you like.
-Once you decide to take theory you will start with Level 5 & work you way up to Level 8.
-You need to take an RCM Level 8 Theory exam to receive your certificates for RCM Piano exam Levels 5-8. You always receive your marks after each exam but to get the official certificate you also need the exam for the corresponding Theory Level (or higher)

Summer Music Theory Club:
-If your school year is too jam packed to fit in your theory work, or you want to keep working on theory year round, you can choose to work on theory in the summer.
-$150/summer (June 4, 2019 – Sep 3, 2018). Drop in classes will be offered 2 times per week for a total of 28 drop ins over the 14 weeks. Times TBA.

Email Carolyn: ot@pianostars.com to register.