Level 5 – Unit 1 – Lesson & Practice – Pitch & Notation

Video: Notes & Clefs, Ledger Lines (Level 5, Unit 1, page 4-5)

Video: Remember Note Names with the B-D Eyed Monster:

Video: Half Steps & Whole Steps (Level 5, Unit 1, page 7)

Video: Accidentals (Level 5, Unit 1, page 7)

Video: Chromatic & Diatonic Half Steps (Level 5, Unit 1, page 7)

Video: Enharmonic Equivalents (Level 5, Unit 1, page 8)

WORK for Unit 1:

Complete the following exercises from Celebrate Theory, Level 5:

You may use a piano, printed keyboard, hand drawn keyboard or phone/tablet app to help you answer the questions.

  1. Pitch & Notation #1-5 on pages 5-6.
  2. Half Steps, Whole Steps & Accidentals #1-9 on pages 8-10.
  3. Transposition #1-7 on pages 12-14.
  4. Exploring the Repertoire #1-10 on page 15.

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If most of your answers were correct it’s time for the unit test:
Unit 1 Online Test

Need more lessons & practice for this unit?
Click the links below:

Video: Tones (whole steps) & Semitones (half steps)

Online Flashcard Practice:

Print & Self-Check:

Print the exercise sheet & complete it.
Click on the answer key to mark it by comparing the answer key to your answers.


*always check to see if there is a KEY SIGNATURE at the beginning of your staff when naming notes & tones/semitones across a whole line. The key signature will make some notes sharp or flat! On a written test you can draw these sharps or flats on right away on the question so you don’t forget.